Postman’s Walk

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TYPEUrban ‘Treasure Hunt’ challenge
DISTANCEMinimum 5.2 miles (all boxes)
HEIGHT GAIN / LOSSMinimum 120 feet climb 
HAZARDSRoad crossing and normal urban hazards

There are 17 active postboxes within Central Holywood. There are also a large number of ‘fakes’, particularly in some of our leafier neighbourhoods!

Visiting all postboxes is a good way to get to know the various parts of our town. The map above (and printable PDF below) should allow you to find them all without too much trouble. They are labelled A-Q for identification, but you can visit them in any order.

If you would like to do this as an assessed challenge, the quiz below will give you 12 hours to type in the unique code found on each active box!

The code here is 652D

There are two versions of the challenge. The easier one will ask you to visit five of the seventeen postboxes (chosen at random). The full challenge is to visit all seventeen! Click on a link below to select your option.

Remember you can visit the postboxes and answer the questions in any order.

Route Map to Download and Print (PDF)

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