About Us

The Holywood Walks Website is a project of Holywood Shared Town.


Our purpose is to describe, develop and expand the walking routes in and around the town of Holywood, Co. Down. The walk descriptions will include notes about the past, present and indeed possible futures of our local man-made and natural environments.

We wish to do this in order to improve the health and well-being of local people and visitors to our town and build our shared knowledge of the town of Holywood.


All content of this website should conform to the following:

  1. All factual content should be correct at time of writing to the best knowledge of the author.
  2. Best efforts, within reason, will be made to keep factual content updated over time.
  3. No reader should be made feel unwelcome or excluded by any content on the site.
  4. Where content authors express opinions these are their personal views and should not be taken to represent the position of Holywood Shared Town. However all views expressed must be consistent with item 3 above.

Editorial Control / Disputes

The principal website editor will be responsible for day-to-day decisions on the publishing and editing of content on the site. Issues and queries can be brought to their attention via the site Contact Form. Issues which cannot be satisfactorily resolved may be brought to the attention of the board of Holywood Shared Town via email  info@holywoodsharedtown.org for their determination.


Copyright of material on this site remains with the original author. However we encourage external websites and online media to link directly to items of interest. Where PDF maps and other documents are provided as downloads these may be printed, shared and reused freely, but within the terms of Creative Commons 4.0 licencing.

Terms and Conditions / Disclaimers

Please see our separate Terms and Conditions page.