Holywood Library

Holywood Library, a listed building, was founded as primary and secondary schools in the 1860’s. Formerly known as the Sullivan Schools, it was where the renowned 20th century naturalist and historian Robert Lloyd Praeger and his sister Sophia Rosamond Praeger began their education.

Outside the library you can see three sculptures entitled the “Pillars of Holywood” by Tim Shutter, who has worked with Anthony Gormley on a commission for the British Library. The sculptures, which were commissioned by Holywood Arts Trust and received funding through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Lottery through the Public Art Programme, depict the legacy of the town’s 1,400-year history from the 7th century church, to the invasion of the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century and the domicile of the wealthy Belfast industrialists of the 19th century.